Neil Fenelon is a Sydney based freelance photographer with over a decade of experience.

Initially trained in Painting and Art Education, Neil has been resolving and arranging compositional elements since his Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree (1989-1992). A by-product of his training, Neil's photographic style shows an underlying understanding of balance and technique.

Neil's photographic interests extend from large-format image-capture, through to digital manipulation. Fully versed in Photoshop retouching, scanning and formatting, Neil integrates recording and producing aesthetic images, at an affordable price.

Forever passionate about achieving a high level of quality, Neil's mode of expression can be seen illustrated in his campaigns for Architects, Developers, Magazines, Advertising, Corporate and Wedding clients, Reportage and Portraiture.

All images on this are a selection from the artists portfolio.
More images are available for viewing on disk.

Please contact or 61 29550 6075.